As Undesirable weeds Outwit The Latest Weedkillers, Farmers Are Running Out Of Easy Choices

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Monarch butterfly communities have been declining since the 1990s, and several reports have linked it to the growth of genetically engineered vegetation to support Roundup's glyphosate herbicide. Vegetation is constantly sprayed by its use, killing almost all the plant life built - and accidents include milkweed, on which monarchs specifically place their offspring. Some 850 million milkweed plants - representing 71% of the monarch's national support infrastructure - have moved away from corn and soybean fields by two decades, according to one particular calculation. While the link between monarchs is small and herbicides are striking, expert opinion is not universal. Components such as global warming, massive migrations and reduced wintering time at home in South America have also been implicated. Only one recent review has used memory selections to show that monarch quantities had begun to slide for years before even glyphosate herbicides were invented - but it is criticized by some ecologists who review these showy stars. . Accurately determining trends in insect populations - not to mention their causes - is tricky for a migratory variety. Only one problem is the lack of data over a long period of time: no one systematically monitored residential areas of insects until fairly recently. "To know what's going on together, we should be watching them for a while," says Manu Saunders, an ecologist at the University of Great Britain. "Needless to say, it did not happen, and we can not go back in history to achieve it now.

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