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Victoria: Children as young as 8 could be susceptible According to one report, the analysis depends on information provided by more than one hundred years old, one hundred years, suggests a need for tactics in universities , where hormone levels increase with the onset of teenage life. you can help children maintain a good image of their bodies before they begin their teenage years. The survey examined a hypertext link between body hormones and overall body satisfaction in younger children before puberty, said E lectronic Hughes of the University of Victoria in Australia. Published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, the analysis has clearly shown the need for a tactic in universities that can allow children to keep a good image of their body before the beginning of their feature keywords kids girls at kidsgirls adolescence. Experts learned that girls were a little more disappointed with their bodies than boys, but boys with high levels of hormones were also disappointed with their condition. "You may know that children before the age of puberty, at 8 and 8 years old, are likely to have a bad image of their body and that the discontent seems to be related to the hormonal levels related to the beginning of life. teenager, "explained Hughes. "Basically, the more important the body hormones are, the more your children have been disappointed by their body proportions, but the children whose hormones are in increased amounts are generally older and more substantial than their peers, which could also be the because of their bad physical image, "she explained. The investigation could spark a conversation about tactics and applications that can help children maintain a good image of their bodies before they begin their adolescence, experts said.

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